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(IoT module)


This IoT module can be integraged in any lighting application. Here below are the different integrations explained. 

Intelligent Module INAGRIT.jpg
iot overview.png

Product description:


The intelligent module is an IoT module which can be asked for 2 power supplies: AC power or DC power. 

AC power

There is an incoming cable with 3 wires L, N and PE. On request we can also provide L1, L2, PE for 3 phase network 3 x 240VAC.

There are 2 outgoing cables: a cable with the power supply and a cable with a 0-10VDC signal for dimming.

While used, the power consumption is monitored measuring: voltage, current and cos phi.


DC Power

When using battery power, the input can vary between 5 to 36VDC. This means that even when the battery is not functional anymore for the application (for example an empty 12V battery with voltage 10V), the module still works. 

There is an incoming cable with DC power and an outgoing RS485 cable for communication with the MPPT. All battery parameters are monitored and accessible through the APP.

Wireless communication 

There are 3 ways to send and receive signals: through WiFi, through LoRa and through GPRS (3G, 4G, 5G).

The modules can directly be addressed if a GPRS module is integrated or if there is a local WiFi. In this case each module works like an individual master module.

If the modules are connected through LoRa (named nodes), than a gateway (or concentrator) is used on WiFi or GPRS signal to receive a signal from the cloud. The gateway will on its turn broadcast the signal to the node modules. 

The WiFi and LoRa integration are standard, the GPRS module is on demand.

We activate the SIM cards are monitor the data consumption of each module online.

Extra communication options

There is always a possibility to connect an input signal for a motion sensor. If requested, we provide an extra outgoing cable.

The module has also a CANBUS which can be used to add extra sensors for monitoring or as actuator (to call for an action).

Overview technics.png


Below is a schematic overview of the hardware inside an intelligent module.

Overview Hardware.png


Below are some screenshots of the APP for the control of the intelligent modules.

WeChat Image_20190524224231.png

Application Off grid Intelligent Street lighting:

Arundo Power made a (registered) system to click solarpanels around a pole and harvest the solar energy


Do you want to have a light study or a detailed price offer? Please give us your contact information below!

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