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Intelligent Module for Lighting Applications

First of all we expand the APP itself...

We wanted to interact more with the devices through a sensor network. To do so we created a new tab page with actuators like: timer function, sensor, ... On demand of customers, we can expand the list.

To improve the exchange of the modules, a gateway can be set up as a node (and vice versa...). After WiFi and LoRa, we added the possibility to add a GPRS network (3G, 4G, ...) as well.

The new module can be used OR for AC power OR for DC power. When used for off grid applications, our MPPT can be branched, all (solar) parameters can be read out and be controlled. Last but not least, we also made it possible to go for an input voltage of 400VAC (needed for a power supply with 2 line wires).

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